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High qualifications with original resources, competitive price and dealing directly with the government. Haixiang Immigration has established its branch with in the island country Cyprus to provide solutions to immigration, citizenship, investment and other aspects of problems.

Advantages of Cyprus

Visa free to 158 countries, minimum tax rate in EU, multi-industry structure with energy, shipping and tourism

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Immigration project
Cyprus Advantage
Immigration project

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Overview of Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and the easternmost end of Europe. It is the junction of maritime and air transport linking Asia, Europe and Africa. The island has a deep and turbulent history of 10,000 years. From the Stone Age to today's prosperous EU member states, there are many opportunities and potentials for economic prosperity. This small and vibrant country has long maintained the reputation of "Excellent International Business Center" with unique expertise and service capabilities to support key industries in its economic development.

Cyprus has developed into a preferred destination for business, taking advantage of its competitive advantage, promoting and strengthening traditional and new sectors of the economy, as well as continuously improving and strengthening its business environment.

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geographical position

Cyprus, with its unique geographical location, is located at the junction of Europe, Asia and Africa. It is an ideal base for expanding into the EU and the Middle East market and has free access to the EU.


Education in Cyprus has reached international standards, with more than 300 schools for students from all over the world, including Chinese students.They not only teach in English, but also in many other languages.


The top 100,57 beaches were awarded blue flags and three records, with the world's largest per capita blue flag beaches, the densest blue flag beaches and the largest number of blue flag beaches per coastline.


Cyprus's standard of living ranks 31st in the world, with more than 320 days of sunshine throughout the year, tourists from all over the world come to enjoy and challenge various outdoor sports.Tourists enjoy sunbathing at the seaside.


As a vibrant business centre, Cyprus has a large number of highly educated and skilled individuals, mostly multilingual, ready to meet the needs of any situation. Cyprus is one of the top European countries in per capita higher education.


Cyprus has benefited from advanced and modern infrastructure and a broad telecommunications network. It has a mature road system, busy port facilities (Limassol and Larnaca) and two international airports (Larnaca and Paphos).

Quality of life

Cyprus provides an enviable way of life with a high standard of living in a safe, clean and healthy environment. Low crime rate, year-round sunshine, hundreds of years of art and culture, delicious food all contribute to improving the quality of life.

Community and Culture

With the increasing number of Chinese in Cyprus, the Chinese community in Cyprus is also widely known. Chinese culture has also been imposed and promoted in Cyprus.Make Chinese citizens more integrated and accept the Cypriot way of life.

  • 0.70

    Crime rate (per 100 000 people)

  • 12.5%

    Corporate tax rate

  • -0.40

    Inflation (September 2017)

  • BB+

    International Rating

Application Forms for Cyprus Immigration

Cypriot citizenship is available to those who have set the following investment criteria in their immigration programme

Passport property

First kind

  • Investors need to invest 2,000,000 in real estate purchases, housing construction or other land development projects (residential, commercial or tourism projects and infrastructure construction). The standard contains investment in exploitable land, which needs to be planned in advance, and the land content should not include land in zero development zones. Commodity value should use its purchase value rather than market value. Investors can choose first-hand or second-hand houses.

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Permanent residence

Second kinds

  • Certificates of title or sales contracts (original and true copies) of Cyprus houses with market value not less than 300,000 euros are required to provide sales contracts sealed by the Seal Committee and the Land Survey and to prove that at least 200,000 euros have been paid. Payment of housing needs to prove that funds must be transferred from abroad to Cyprus. And the applicants and their spouses officially declared that they had no intention of employment in Cyprus.

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Application conditions

Cyprus combines its strategic position with a business-friendly, modern, attractive and transparent tax and legal system, advanced infrastructure and a high-quality workforce.

Applicant's Basic Conditions

Meet the following requirements

1. Certificate of non-crime: Applicants must provide certificate of non-crime, and their assets are not listed in the EU assets freeze list .

2. Residences in Cyprus: Applicants must hold Cyprus residences permanently for a value not less than 500,000 euros.

3. Residence permit in Cyprus: Before applying for naturalization, investors need to obtain a residence permit in Cyprus. If an investor has not yet obtained a residence permit, he may apply for permanent residence and planning naturalization in accordance with relevant laws.

Application advantage

Cyprus has been striving for many years to establish and strengthen a friendly investment environment and promote the entry of foreign enterprises into Cyprus.

Cyprus Immigration Information

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